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21st May 2013

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Two rough drawings. The first drawing is done with pencils and is per example what I call a “hard drawing”.

I use this term when it comes to single lines, no variation in tones - just white and black (or any color the lines are made of). What I want to show is that, if you look at my previous post’s first drawing I made with ballpointpens, a “soft” or a “hard” drawing doesn’t depend completely on the tool you use. You can even create a soft drawing with ink - but you need a very thin inkpen and a bigger canvas to create variations (different greyscale-tones via hatching).

Why do I think that the pencil is the greatest tool so far? Because it is very flexible - you can create very subtle, thin lines. You can sharpen the pencil with a knife to create a more interesting tip. (There are several tutorials I might show soon) You can hold the pen differently in many ways. When I draw, I try to use different grips (per example not holding the pencil like I would when I write). With a pencil you can create all sorts of different effects. You can create different tones with hatching AND low - hard pressure, which is a great advantage compared to inkpens. No matter how hard you press them down on paper, an inkpen will always be at 100% of it’s tone or color.

The second drawing or sketch is done with a ballpointpen. Ballpoint pens can be really useful too, as you can also create different values with different pressure on the paper. But of course, it is permanent ink and you can’t hold a ballpointpen as versatile as pencils. You can’t sharpen a ballpoint pen’s tip to create a more unique line.

However, what I want to say is: Don’t rely on the tool only when it comes to different drawing-methods, try to think in drawing-methods first - then decide which tool would be most useful for that you want to do.

By the way: The first drawing was scanned in and I set the levels of the tones via Photoshop to a higher contrast.

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